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What is EOS



Referring Patients

Talking to Families

When to Refer

When you have a suspicion that a patient has Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS), it is appropriate to refer to an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible. Some types of treatment such as casting or bracing are age and time sensitive, with higher efficacy for younger patients and earlier initiation of treatment.

Studies to acquire

It is reasonable to get a full-length standing spine PA and lateral X-rays prior to sending a patient to see the orthopedic specialist. If the child cannot stand, then a full-length sitting spine AP and lateral X-rays are appropriate. If the child cannot sit or stand, then supine AP and lateral spine films are reasonable. The orthopedic surgeon may send the patient for further studies after evaluation, such as CT scan or MRI if needed. However, not all patients require advanced imaging beyond X-rays and this should be reserved for patients who have already been evaluated by the orthopedic specialist.

Who to refer to

Early Onset Scoliosis is relatively rare, and thus should be sent to a specialist who sees and treats patients with this condition frequently. All members of the Children's Spine Study Group are versed in current treatments and concepts for EOS and would be appropriate for referral. For a complete list of physicians associated with the Children's Spine Study Group, please visit our Study Group page