Pediatric Spine Foundation Board & Supporters

Without the tireless dedication and focus of our board members and supporters, the Pediatric Spine Foundation would not be possible. Our success is the by-product of everyone’s commitment.

Board Members

Dr. Randal Betz – President
Randal R. Betz, MD is a nationally recognized surgeon with over 30 years of experience focused on spine related conditions, including scoliosis.  His expertise and passion is developing and offering the latest treatment options for children with scoliosis.  Read more…

Mary Jane Mulcahey – Vice President

Maria Follenius – Secretary

James Betz – Treasurer

Effie Zak

Janet Cerrone

Donna Kane

Dorothy Shockley


Supporters (* indicates Financial Support in 2019)

Addiego, Francesco
Allen, Peter
Antonacci, Darryl
Armstrong, Stephen & Kelly*
Baslin, Todd & Lori
Benjack, M/M David*
Betz, James & Donna*
Boyle Family Foundation
Cairone, Steven & Kari
Cerrone, Janet
Cute-Coyle, Samantha
Dima, Jennifer
DRX Newark 01, LLC
DRX Paramus
Dugery, Mike & Lisa
Farrington, David
Fickes, Lori
Follenius, Maria
Glinski, Carol
Gorenstein, Joel
Gorsett, Audra
Gray, John & Kara
Harvey, Charles*
Hewitson, Jo
Hirsch, Gil & Galia*
Hoffstein, Paul & Lisa
Kahn, Howard & Megan
Kennedy, Fred & Margy
Kopp, Russell & Betsy
Krejcarek, Correna & Caitlyn
Kuge, Polly
Maheo, Jessica
Mahoney, Tess
McCormick, Caitlin
McHale, Barbara*
McMurray, Lee
McNulty, Tim
Munavov, Sam & Mariya
Nickol, Craig & Amy
Oleas, Diego & Tohme, Maria
Rankin, Jamie & Anna
Raymond, Thomas & Denise
SAP Software Solutions
Schultz, Charles
Senderhauf, Ryan & Sarah
Sherrock, Justin & Aimee
Shockley, William & Dorothy*
Skinner, Honey
Snow, Daniel & Stacie
Steffa, Joe & Laurie
Sweeney, Caitlyn
Tello, Maria
Tilkin, Nancy
Van Allen, Peter