Pediatric Spine Foundation

A Parent's Perspective

"On June 14, 2008 Christopher was exactly 6 months old and we were told something was wrong and we should see a specialist at a leading hospital in the country. After a whirlwind of X-rays, MRI, renal, and cat scans, they said they could not help Christopher's severe spinal condition. Off we went to find someone that could. At that point we just wanted to know what options, if any, were available to us.

Up and down the east coast we traveled and ultimately found our way into Dr. Michael Vitale's office. He not only provided options but he gave us hope. He told us that his condition was indeed very challenging and a number of things can and probably will go wrong, but there was not only new research that dictated a course of action that may not deprive him of a physically compromising future, there was now technology that could get him there. Technology that did not exist just a few short years prior. Christopher's condition does not make him the ideal candidate. In fact, there was (and still is) a good chance it could make it worse. Research however is telling us that it is well worth the try. We are happy to say that the path we chose has allowed Christopher to experience the joys every young child should.

Are we out of the woods yet? Of course not. But we remain cautiously optimistic and at the same time endeavor to make Christopher's future limitless and unbounded by his condition. Eleven surgeries before his 6th birthday and enduring an annoying brace all day long every day is challenging, but Christopher knows what it like to ski, swim, go on Disney rides, bike, slide down a water slide, score a goal in a soccer league, play t-ball, and take the bus to kindergarten." - Christopher's parents