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Title: Best Practice Guidelines for Surgical Site Infection Prevention With Surgical Treatment of Early Onset Scoliosis

Authors: Glotzbecker MP, St Hilaire TA, Pawelek JB, Thompson GH, Vitale MG, Children’s Spine Study Group, and Growing Spine Study Group

Journal: Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics

Date: October 23, 2017

Excerpt: With the high infection rate and lack of available evidence to guide infection prevention strategies in patients with EOS, the goal of the current endeavor was to engage physicians with significant experience taking care of children with EOS, present available literature, and use the Delphi technique to reach consensus statements focused on infection prevention strategies in this challenging population.

Keywords: EOS, Infection, Surgery



What is the purpose of this study?

Infections are a common risk with early onset scoliosis surgical treatment. This study reviewed the variation in treatment of this population with the objective of developing a consensus-based guideline of treatment to reduce surgical site infections.


Strategies to reduce surgical site infections were reviewed by the CSSG and GSSG study group through electronic surveys and live meetings to reach a consensus about best practice guidelines.

Guidelines agreed upon with over 70% consensus indicated in table below:

Important Discussion Points

The population of children with EOS have many unique challenges including many comorbidities and repetitive surgeries. The agreed upon points above are a consensus of infection prevention strategies from surgeons with experience treating this population.

These statements follow very closely with a previously adapted set of guidelines for high risk patient populations.


The EOS population is diverse, and it is challenging to generalize the needs of all EOS surgical patients; however, these guidelines help to standardize many general practices to reduce general infection risks for this population of children.