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Use this resource to find and share all the latest research in early onset scoliosis performed by members of the Pediatric Spine Study Group. Our research is peer-reviewed, presented at worldwide conferences, and disseminated in scientific journals and is available for you in summary-form.

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Title: An initial effort to define an early onset scoliosis “graduate”—The Pediatric Spine Study Group experience

Authors: Christina K. Hardesty, Robert F. Murphy, Jef B. Pawelek, Michael P. Glotzbecker, Pooria Hosseini, Charles E. Johnston, John Means, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, The Pediatric Spine Study Group

Date: November 30, 2020

Title: A Retrospective Cohort Study of Pulmonary Function, Radiographic Measures And Quality of Life in Children with Congenital Scoliosis: An Evaluation of Patient Outcomes After Early Spinal Fusion

Authors: Vitale MG, Matsumoto H, Bye MR, Gomez JA, Booker WA, Hyman JE, Roye DP

Date: May 01, 2008

Title: A report of two conservative approaches to early onset scoliosis: serial casting and bracing

Authors: Ying Li, Jennylee Swallow, Joel Gagnier, George H. Thompson, Peter F. Sturm, John B. Means, Paul D. Sponseller, Michael P. Glotzbecker, Pediatric Spine Study Group

Date: September 28, 2022

Title: A New Classification System to Report Complications in Growing Spine Surgery: A Multicenter Consensus Study.

Authors: Smith JT, Johnston C, Skaggs D, Flynn J, Vitale M.

Date: December 01, 2015

Title: A Multicenter Study of the Epidemiology of Deep Surgical Site Infections in Children With Nonidiopathic Early-Onset Scoliosis Including Associated Pathogens

Authors: Anas A. Minkara, BHS, Hiroko Matsumoto, MA, Michael Glotzbecker, MD,Amer Samdani, MD, John Flynn, MD, Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH,Lisa Saiman, MD, MPH, Childrens Spine Study Group

Date: July 01, 2019

Title: A Multicenter Study of Deep Surgical Site Infections in Nonidiopathic Scoliosis and Associated Pathogens

Authors: Mackenzie WG, Matsumoto H, Williams BA, Corona J, Lee C, Cody SR, Covington L, Saiman L, Flynn JM, Skaggs DL, Roye DP Jr, Vitale MG

Date: May 01, 2013

Title: A multicenter retrospective cohort analysis of infection characteristics and rates with VEPTR surgery: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis

Authors: Garg S, Cyr M, Glotzbecker M, Carry P, Smith JT, Sawyer J, Pahys J, Luhmann S, Flynn J, El-Hawary R, Vitale MG, St. Hilaire T, The Children’s Spine Study Group

Date: November 01, 2014

Title: A classification of growth friendly spine implants.

Authors: Skaggs DL, Akbarnia BA, Flynn JM, Myung KS, Sponseller PD, Vitale MG; Chest Wall and Spine Deformity Study Group; Growing Spine Study Group; Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America; Scoliosis Research Society Growing Spine Study Committee

Date: May 01, 2014

Title: "Growth friendly" spine surgery: management options for the young child with scoliosis.

Authors: Gomez JA, Lee JK, Kim PD, Roye DP, Vitale MG

Date: December 01, 2011

Title: An unusual case of congenital scoliosis in a patient with Down syndrome.

Authors: Ranade AS, Ahmed I, Williams RA, Samdani AF

Date: November 01, 2009