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Hope for the Future

Evonte was born with scoliosis and fused ribs, with a spine curvature of more than 50 degrees. Despite being small for his age and the phyisical problems he had, Evonte enjoys riding bikes, playing basketball, and playing outside

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An Extra-ordinary Princess

When Natalya was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis as an infant, her mother's world was shattered. She wasn't sure whether Natalya would be able to live a 'normal' life or how long she was even expected to survive.

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The Smile of a Child

Before Quinn was treated for congenital scoliosis, she was a happy-go-lucky little girl. Looking at her, you could barely tell there was any issue with her back. "This made it hard for her mother and I to make a decision to correct something that would cause issues eventually."

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A Parent's Perspective

"On June 14, 2008 Christopher was exactly 6 months old and we were told something was wrong and we should see a specialist at a leading hospital in the country. After a whirlwind of X-rays, MRI, renal, and cat scans, they said they could not help Christopher's severe spinal condition.

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A Sibling Story

Victoria was diagnosed with Merosin Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy at age 9 months (via muscle biopsy). When her little brother, Matthew, was born two and a half years later, he was diagnosed with the same type of muscular dystrophy.

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Alyson's Journey

Alyson was born in the Zhiqiang, China. At 6 months of age, she was found abandoned and was delivered to an orphanage. Nothing was known about her birth parents. When Alyson was a child she was adopted by a family from the United States.

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