2020 ICEOS Virtual Meeting

Saturday, November 14, 2020 10:00 am -12:00 pm EST.

All times listed in EST*

10:00-10:05  Welcome/Introduction (Matthew Oetgen)
10:06-10:11 Robert M. Campbell, Jr. Award
Behrooz Akbarnia
10:12-11:13 Awards Papers
Moderators: Jaime Gomez and John M. Flynn
10:12-10:16 Rib-based Anchors do not Impair Chest Wall Motion in Early Onset Scoliosis (Award Paper #1)
Patrick J. Cahill, MD, Yubing Tong, Jayaram K. Udupa, Joseph M. McDonough, Caiyun Wu, Catherine Qiu, Carina Lott, MS, Nirupa Galagedera, Jason B. Anari, MD, Drew A. Torigian
10:17-10:21 Surgeon Distraction Forces in Open Lengthening’s Exceed MCGR Maximums: An In Vivo Biomechanical Study (Award Paper #2)
Vincent Ruggeri, Benjamin Sinder, PhD, Catherine Qiu, Carina Lott, MS, Patrick J. Cahill, MD, Jason B. Anari, MD
10:22-10:26 The Effect of Apex Vertebra Position on Growing Rod Treatment (Award Paper #3)
Muharrem Yazici, MD, Gökay Dursun, Riza Mert Cetik, MD, Gokhan Demirkiran, Mehmet Ayvaz
10:27-10:32 Discussion
10:33-10:37 Predicting Unplanned Return to the OR with MCGR (Award Paper #4)
Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA, John T. Smith, MD, Michael G. Vitale, MD MPH, John Heflin, MD, John M. Flynn, MD
10:38-10:42 Actuator End Cap Separation in Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods (MCGR) (Award Paper #5)
Ying Li, MD, Tricia St. Hilaire, MPH, John T. Anderson, Mark Erickson, MD, MMM, Amy McIntosh, MD, Peter F. Sturm, MD, David L. Skaggs, MD, Michael G. Vitale, MD MPH, Ron El-Hawary, MD, Pediatric Spine Study Group
10:43-10:47 Perioperative Serious Adverse Events After Instrumented Cervical Spine Fusion in Young Children (Award Paper #6)
Maxwell H. McKee-Proctor, Bram Verhofste, John B. Emans, MD, M. Timothy Hresko, MD, Mark R. Proctor, MD, Daniel Hedequist, MD
10:48-10:53 Discussion
10:54-10:58 Respiratory and Post-operative Outcomes in Early Onset Scoliosis Patients Treated with Rib Based Growing System: Single Centre Experience of 15 years (Award Paper #7)
Norman Ramirez-Lluch, MD, Lyanne Camacho, Mary Ibañez, Nicole Ramirez, Yashira Torres, Jose Montañez, Gerardo Olivella
10:59-11:03 Definitive Fusions are Better than Growth Friendly Procedures for Juvenile Patients with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis: A Prospective Comparative Cohort Study (Award Paper #8)
Suken A. Shah, MD, Arun R. Hariharan, MD, MS, Paul D. Sponseller, MD, Burt Yaszay, MD, Michael P. Glotzbecker, MD, Patrick J. Cahill, MD, Tracey Bastrom
11:04-11:08 Magnetic Controlled Growing Rods (MCGR) Vs Single Fusion Vs Tether in Older EOS Patients (Award Paper #9)
Catherine Mackey, Jaime A. Gomez, MD, Regina Hanstein, Majella Vaughan, Tricia St. Hilaire, MPH, Scott J. Luhmann, MD, Michael G. Vitale, MD MPH, Michael P. Glotzbecker, MD, Amer Samdani, Stefan Parent, MD PhD, Pediatric Spine Study Group
11:09-11:13 Discussion
11:14-11:24 Keynote Presentation: How EOS research has evolved over the last 15 years: A brief history of ICEOS
(Muharrem Yazici) Moderator: Matthew Oetgen
11:25-11:49 Practice Changing Session - What is the Best Treatment for Older Children with Early Onset Scoliosis?
11:25-11:27 Moderator: Ron El-Hawary
11:28-11:32 In Defense of Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods – Jeffrey Sawyer
11:33-11:37 In Defense of Vertebral Body Tethering – Stefan Parent
11:38-11:42 In Defense of Spinal Fusion – Jaime Gomez
11:43-11:49 Discussion - Michael Vitale / David Skaggs
11:50-11:55 Behrooz Akbarnia Award Presentation Moderator: Matthew Oetgen
11:56-12:00pm 2021 Preview and 2020 ICEOS Wrap-up John M. Flynn, Matthew Oetgen