13th International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis (ICEOS)
November 21-22, 2019

Tentative Time



12:00-1:00 PM

Precourse Registration


1:00-6:00 PM

Precourse (incl. Cases & Cocktails)

1:05-1:30pm | Best Practices for Preop Assessment and Optimization of complex patients with EOS.When to call in the Reinforcements? When to Say “No” (Brandon Ramo, MD, Dror Ovadia, MD, Michael Vitale, MD MPH) Moderator: Behrooz Akbarnia, MD

1:30-1:55pm | Spinal Dysraphism 101 for Orthopods. What constitutes an “actionable” MRI finding? (Richard Anderson, MD and Douglas Brockmeyer, MD) Moderator: Amer Samdani, MD

1:55-2:20pm | Technique Session 1: Challenges in management thoracic kyphosis with growth sparing implants (Laurel Blakemore, MD, Ron El-Hawary, MD, Scott J. Luhmann, MD) Moderator: Nicholas D. Fletcher, MD

2:20-2:50pm | EOS Management in the Era of Spinraza (Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA, Brian D. Snyder, MD PhD, Michael Vitale, MD MPH) Moderator: John M. Flynn, MD

3:10-3:40pm | Technique Session 2: How to Prevent and Treat PJK (Patrick J. Cahill, MD, Benjamin Roye, MD-MPH, Paul D. Sponseller, MD) Moderator: Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD

3:40-4:10pm | Congenital Kyphosis (Lindsay Andras, MD, Patrick J. Cahill, MD, Moyo Kruyt, MD PhD) Moderator: John Smith, MD

4:10-4:40pm | Final fusion after EOS growth sparing treatment (Ilkka J. Helenius, MD PhD, Charles E. Johnston, MD, James Sanders, MD) Moderator: Dror Ovadia, MD


5:00-5:30pm | Technique session 3: Osteotomies/VCR for EOS (Nicholas Fletcher, MD, Michael Glotzbecker, MD, Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA, Michael Ruf, MD) Moderator: Stefan Parent, MD PhD

5:30-6:00pm | Syndromic EOS Case based discussion incl. cases from participants (Carol Hasler, MD, Paul D. Sponseller, MD) Moderator: Carol Hasler, MD

Michael Vitale and Carol Hasler

6:15-7:00 PM

Welcome Ceremony and 1st Annual Lecture



Welcome to ICEOS 2019 (John T. Smith, MD)


Introduction of the 1st Annual Lecture (John T. Smith, MD)


Climbing Mount Everest (Douglas Brockmeyer, MD)


Robert M. Campbell, Jr. Award (Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD)


Acceptance Speech (John Emans, MD)

Tentative Time



6:45-7:30 AM

Breakfast & Exhibits


7:30-7:35 AM


John Smith, MD, Matt Oetgen, MD

7:35-9:25 AM

Session 1: Quality, Safety and Value in EOS Surgery

Rene M. Castelein, MD PhD



Surgical Teams: How I Implemented, Developed, and Got Support From My Institution (John M. Flynn, MD)


Complex Spine Checklists: How Do I Use Them in My Practice (John T. Smith, MD)


What Do I Do to Reduce Infection Risk in EOS Surgery, and What I Do if I Have One (Annalise N. Larson, MD)




Risk Severity Scores: What They Tell Us and How Do I Use Them (Michael G. Vitale, MD MPH)


Performance Dashboards: Do They Push the Needle on Safety? (Peter O. Newton, MD)


ICEOS 2019: How Does it Change my Practice (Patrick J. Cahill, MD)




Neuro-Monitoring in EOS Surgery: Is it Different than AIS? (Amer Samdani, MD)


Safety and Quality in Early Onset Scoliosis – International Perspective (Ilkka J. Helenius, MD PhD Professor)



9:25-10:00 AM

Refreshment/Exhibit Break


10:00-11:40 AM

Session 2: Free Papers

10:00-10:04 Health Related Quality of Life and Physical Activity after Multiple-surgeries in Patients with Early Onset Scoliosis (Thomas Johan Kibsgård, Ragnhild Susanne Molland, Jens Ivar Brox, Britt Stuge, Inger Holm, Rolf Bjarne Riise,)

10:05-10:09 The Effect of Medical Comorbidities on subdomain scores of the Early Onset Scoliosis Questionnaire (EOSQ) Before Treatment (Brandon Ramo, Anna McClung, Chan-Hee Jo, Paul Sponseller, Matthew Oetgen)

10:10-10:14 Quality of Life of Adult Patients with Early-Onset Scoliosis (Johan Heemskerk, Mark Altena, Diederik Kempen)

10:15-10:19 Discussion

10:20-10:24 Bigger is Better: Larger Thoracic Height is Associated with Increased Health Related Quality of Life at Skeletal Maturity (Matthew Simhon, Benjamin Roye, Hiroko Matsumoto, Sumeet Garg, Amer Samdani, John Smith, Paul Sponseller, Michael Vitale, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

10:25-10:29 Validation of the Early Onset Scoliosis Questionnaire (EOSQ) as applied to the Classification of Early Onset Scoliosis (C-EOS) Etiology Designation Before Scoliosis Treatment (Brandon Ramo, Anna McClung, Chan-Hee Jo, Burt Yaszay, Lindsay Andras, Paul Sponseller, Matthew Oetgen)

10:30-10:34 Similar Deformity Correction, but Limited Spinal Growth and Lower Health Related Quality of Life in Children with Skeletal Dysplasia Undergoing Growth-Friendly Management for Early-Onset Scoliosis. A Matched Comparison with Idiopathic Early-Onset Scoliosis (Ilkka Helenius, Antti Saarinen, Klane White, Anna McClung, Muharrem Yazici, Sumeet Garg, George Thompson, charles Johnston, Joshua Pahys, Michael Vitale, Behrooz Akbarnia, Paul Sponseller)

10:35-10:39 Discussion

10:40-10:44 Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze: Additional Spine Length with Shorter Distraction Interval, but at What Cost? (Catherine Qiu, Carina Lott, Patrick Cahill, Jason Anari)

10:45-10:49 Traditional Growing Rod Graduates of Different Etiologic Categories have Similar Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes (Behrooz Akbarnia, Jeff Pawelek, Pooria Hosseini, Pooria Salari, Nima Kabirian, David Marks, Suken A. Shah, David Skaggs, John Emans, Elsebaie Hazem, George Thompson, Paul Sponseller)

10:50-10:54 Single Rod Constructs in Severe EOS Produce Similar Cobb Correction and Spinal Growth as Dual MCGR Constructs (Scott Luhmann, David Skaggs, Charles Johnston, Joshua Pahys, John Smith, Amer Samdani, Ron El-Hawary, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

10:55-10:59 Discussion

11:00-11:04 Resistance to Correction - Prognostic Value of Correctability? Classification? (George Thompson, Paul Sponseller, John Emans, Charles Johnston, Dong-Phuong Tran, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

11:05-11:09 Does the Law of Diminishing Returns Exist in Early Onset Scoliosis with Connective Tissue Disorders? (Majd Marrache, Klane White, A. Noelle Larson, Tricia St. Hilaire, Regina Woon, Majella Vaughan, Paul Sponseller, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

11:10-11:14 Long-term Results after Maturity following Hemivertebra Resection in Early Childhood – Lessons Learned (Michael Ruf, Tobias Pitzen, Gregor Ostrowski, Carolin Meyer, Juergen Harms)

11:15-11:19 - Discussion


11:20-12:25 PM



12:25-1:25 PM

Company Workshops


1:30-1:40 PM

Atlanta Highlights (Nicholas Fletcher)

 1:40-2:45 PM

Session 3: Mini Symposium: Syndromic EOS: What You Need to Know and What You Shouldn’t Miss (Paul Sponseller, Ilkka Helenius) Moderators

Syndromes and cardiac problems: What Do We Need to Know and What are the Risks? (Glen Iannucci)

Anesthesia and EOS Surgery: How Do We Minimize Risk (Lydia Andras)

Genetic Considerations in Syndromic EOS: What’s New and What Do We Need to Know? (Kim Keppler-Noreuil)

Cervical Instability Issues (Jon Martin)

Bone Health for patients with Syndromic EOS: How to Work Up, When and How to Treat (Jill Flanagan)


2:45-3:10 PM



3:10-4:10 PM

Session 4: Paper Sessions (Ron El-Hawary, Scott Luhmann) Moderators

3:15-3:19 Pediatric Device Regulation: The Case of Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering (Lisa Bonsignore-Opp, Joshua  Murphy, David Skaggs, Stefan Parent, Amer Samdani, Tricia St. Hilaire, Michael Vitale)

3:20-3:24 Accuracy of Screw Placement in Minimally Invasive, Robot-Assisted Iliosacral Screw Insertion in Children With Early Onset Neuromuscular Scoliosis (Francois Deroussen, Michel Lefranc, Céline Klein, Richard Gouron)

3:25-3:29 Introduction to a new motorized growing rod: Animal study and preliminary clinical results (Franck Accadbled, Jérôme Sales de Gauzy, Martina Muller)

3:30-3:34 Discussion

3:35-3:39 Are Serum Ion Levels Elevated in Pediatric Patients with Growing Spine Implants vs. Controls? (Smitha Mathew, A Noelle Larson, Bangke Zhang, Yong Xie, Matthew Abdel, Andre J van Wijnen, Todd Milbrandt, Geoffrey Haft)

3:40-3:44 Foundation Iliac Fusion Combined With Shilla Technique: A Reasonable Option For The Treatment Of Neuromuscular Scoliosis (NMS) With Pelvic Obliquity (Richard Schwend, Zhenkai  Wu,)

 3:45-3:49 A "One Stop Shop": Additional Surgeries at the Time of Rib-based Implant Procedures - Is it Safe? (Patrick Cahill, Carina Lott, Catherine Qiu, Jason Anari)

3:50-3:54 Discussion

3:55-3:59 Evolving Trends in the Inpatient Care of Early Onset Scoliosis (Robert Murphy, William Barfield, Corinne Corrigan, Jason Anari, Jeffery Sawyer, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

4:00-4:04 Can We Save the Implant: Rib-based Implant Removal Rates and Risk Factors Following Irrigation and Debridement (I&D) Surgery? (Carina Lott, Catherine Qiu, Nirupa Galagedera, Robert Campbell, Patrick Cahill, Jason Anari, Lia W. McNeely)

4:05-4:09 Discussion



4:10-4:15 PM

Transition to Breakout Sessions


4:15-5:15 PM

Breakout Session: Growth Friendly Challenges (Lindsay Andras, MD, Patrick J. Cahill, MD, John M. Flynn, MD, Robert Murphy, MD)



Breakout Session: Neuromuscular Challenges (Carol C. Hasler, MD, Charles E. Johnston, MD, Annalise N. Larson, MD, Brandon Ramo, MD)



Breakout Session: Complex Cervical Deformity Challenges (Richard Anderson, MD, Douglas Brockmeyer, MD, Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA, Burt Yaszay, MD)


Tentative Time



6:45-7:30 am

Breakfast & Exhibits


7:30 - 8:30 am

Company Workshops


8:30 - 9:30 AM

Session 5: Neurosurgical Considerations in EOS: What can we learn from each other?

Moderators: Douglas Brockmeyer, MD and Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA



Tethered Cord Syndrome and EOS: When to treat and when to watch (Richard Anderson, MD)


Chiari Malformations and EOS: Risks, treatment and outcomes (David D. Limbrick, MD PhD)




Spasticity management in EOS: What works and what doesn’t in 2019? (Alex Powers)


Spinal cord injury in Children: Management in 2019 (Christopher Bonfield, MD)


Gadgets and risks in EOS imaging and surgery:  What you need to know? (David L. Skaggs, MD)



9:30 - 10:30 AM

Session 6: Free Papers

9:31-9:35 Comparison of Single Posterior Spinal Fusion (PSF) vs Growth-Friendly (GF) Surgery in Older Neuromuscular EOS Patients (Ying Li, Jennylee Swallow, Joel Gagnier, Patrick Cahill, Paul Sponseller, Sumeet Garg, George Thompson, Brandon Ramo, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

9:36-9:40 Unplanned Reoperations in Children with Cerebral Palsy-Associated Early Onset
Scoliosis Treated with Novel Growth-Friendly Surgery
(Margaret Sun, Nicholas Buckler, Mason Al Nouri, Majella  Vaughan, Tricia St. Hilaire, Paul Sponseller, John Smith, George Thompson, Jason Howard, Ron El-Hawary, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

9:41-9:45 Analysis of Health-Related Quality of Life in Cerebral Palsy Patients Treated with Growth-Friendly Surgery for Early-Onset Scoliosis (Nicholas Buckler, Margaret Sun, Mason Al Nouri, Majella Vaughan, Tricia St. Hilaire, Hiroko Matsumoto, Paul Sponseller, John Smith, George Thompson, Jason Howard, Ron El-Hawary, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

9:46-9:50 Discussion

9:51-9:55 Halo-Gravity Traction for the Treatment of Cervical Spine Disorders (Bram Verhofste, Timothy Hresko, John Emans, Michael Glotzbecker, Brian Snyder, Craig Birch, Nora O'Neill, Lawrence Karlin, Mark Proctor, Daniel Hedequist)

9:56-10:00 Os Odontoideum in Children: Treatment Outcomes and Neurologic Risk Factors (Ilkka Helenius, Jennifer Bauer, Bram Verhofste, Paul Sponseller, Walter Krengel, Daniel Hedequist, Patrick Cahill, A Noelle Larson, Joshua Pahys, John Anderson, Jeffrey Martus, Burt Yaszay, Jonathan Phillips)

10:01-10:05 Growth-friendly instrumentation for the treatment of early-onset scoliosis in Marfan Syndrome (Laura Bellaire, Graham Fedorak, John Heflin, Joshua Klatt, John Smith, Paul Sponseller, Daniel Hedequist, Pediatric Spine Study Group, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

10:06-10:10 Discussion

10:11-10:15 Controlled Dynamic Spine Distraction Increases Vertebral Body Growth, Disc Height and Volume, and Nucleus Pulposus Expansion; An in Vivo Study on Rodent Tail Model (Pooria Salari, Garrett Eason, Kaitlyn Broz, Simon Tang)

10:16-10:20 Induction of a Flexible Idiopathic-like Scoliosis with Axial Rotation Using a Dynamic Torsional Spring System: A Mini-pig Scoliosis Model (Sebastiaan Wijdicks, Justin Lemans, Gijsbertus Verkerke, Edsko Hekman, Rene Castelein, Moyo Kruyt)

10:21-10:25 Lung Function before and after Spine fusion in Children with EOS Treated Previously with Distraction-based Devices (Gregory Redding, Noriaki Kawakami, Hiroko Matsumoto, Vivana Bompadre, Walter Krengel III, Klane White)

10:26-10:30 Discussion

10:31-10:35 Is Performing Definitive Fusion for Scoliosis in Juvenile Cerebral Palsy Patients a Good Long-Term Surgical Option (Burt Yaszay, Paul Sponseller, Roland Howard, Suken A. Shah, Firoz Miyanji, Amer Samdani, Peter Newton)

Moderators: Ying Li, John M. Flynn


10:36 - 10:50 AM



10:50 - 12:00 PM

Session 7: Outcomes Assessment - How do we know if we are improving lives?

Moderator:  Amer Samdani, MD



Measuring spinal growth in EOS: What are the goals and what does it tell us (James Sanders)


The 6 minute walk: What does it tell us and how can I use it in my practice? (Noriaki Kawakami, MD)




EOSQ 24: Research tool or does it change my practice? (Michael G. Vitale, MD MPH)


Pulmonary assessment in young children:  What are the options if I don’t have Greg Redding in my practice? (Gregory Redding, MD)




Graduates of “growth friendly surgery:  How are they really doing? (Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD)


Outcomes in Neuromuscular EOS: How do we measure it? (Michael P. Glotzbecker, MD)



12:00 - 1:00 PM



1:00-1:30 PM

Keynote Presentation: EOS: The Biggest Challenge in Spine
Paul D. Sponseller, MD

 Behrooz Akbarnia (5-minute introduction)

1:30 - 2:10 PM

Session 8: Free Papers

1:30-1:34 The effect of traditional single growing rod technique on growth of unsegmented levels in mixed type congenital scoliosis (Tianhua Rong, Jianxiong Shen, Chong Chen, Youxi Lin, Haining Tan, Zheng Li, Yang Jiao)

1:35-1:39 The Outcomes of Mehta Casting for Non-Idiopathic Early Onset Scoliosis in a Large Multi-Center Cohort (Graham Fedorak, Joshua Pahys, Bruce Macwilliams, Joel Lerman, Michal Szczodry, Kim Hammerberg, Pete Stasikelis)

1:40-1:44 Effects of Serial Casting with or without Bracing on Sagittal Parameters in Early Onset Scoliosis (Robert Lark, Anthony Catanzano, Michael Vitale, charles Johnston, Paul Sponseller, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

1:45-1:49 Discussion

1:50-1:54 Age Stratified Outcomes of Mehta Casting in a Large Multi-Center Cohort of Idiopathic Early-Onset Scoliosis Patients (Graham Fedorak, Bruce MacWilliams, Michal Szczodry, Peter Stasikelis, Joel Lerman, Kim Hammerberg, Joshua Pahys)

1:55-1:59 Rod Diameter Does Not Influence Rod Fracture Rate after Surgical Treatment using Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods (Benjamin Roye, Gerard Marciano, Hiroko Matsumoto, Megan Campbell, Klane White, Jeffery Sawyer, John Smith, Scott Luhmann, Peter F. Sturm, Paul Sponseller, Michael Vitale, Pediatric Spine Study Group)

2:00-2:04 Surgical Site Infections in Pediatric Spinal Surgery Over a Decade of Serial and Iterative Efforts to Eradicate Infection (Bradley Hammoor, Hiroko Matsumoto, Gerard Marciano, Kevin Wang, Benjamin Roye, David P Roye, Michael Vitale)

2:05-2:09 Discussion

Moderator: Dror Ovadia, MD


2:10 - 3:15 PM

Session 9: Dynamic Transformation in EOS: The Next Decade and Beyond

Moderators: Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD



The Use of Facial Recognition to Diagnose Autism (Ami Klin, PhD)


Uses for New Technology, Including AI, in Healthcare (Evan LaPointe, CEO)


Panel Discussion (Michael P. Glotzbecker, MD, Carol C. Hasler, MD, Peter O. Newton, MD, Michael G. Vitale, MD MPH, Robert Murphy, MD)

3:15 - 3:45 PM



3:45 - 3:50 PM

Behrooz A. Akbarnia Award Presentation

Presented by John Smith

3:50 - 5:00 PM

Session 10: Management of the Complex: How to Approach the Complex Patients and Problems in EOS

Moderators: Amer Samdani, MD and Richard M. Schwend, MD



Proximal Junctional Kyphosis with anchor failure (Ron El-Hawary, MD)


Fixation Issues: patients with poor anchor placement (Michael P. Glotzbecker, MD)




Too Much Kyphosis (Burt Yaszay, MD)


Too small and stiff (Charles E. Johnston, MD)




Real Congenital Scoliosis (rib fusions/jumbled spine) (Annalise N. Larson, MD)


Chronic pain in EOS (Brandon Ramo, MD)



5:04 - 5:15 PM

Wrap Up & Review
Plans for 2020

Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA

P01 Functions and related mechanisms of lncRNA SULT1C2A in congenital scoliosis
Chong Chen, Haining Tan, Jiaqi Bi, Jianxiong Shen

P02 Short-term Complications in VEPTR and Magentically Controlled Growing Rods to Manage Early Onset Scoliosis
Alejandro Peiro-Garcia, Jonathan Bourget-Murray, Isadora Suarez-Lorenzo, Fabio Ferri-De-Barros, David Parsons

P03 Spring Distraction System to Correct Early Onset Scoliosis: 2 Year Follow-up Results from 17 Patients
Justin V.C. Lemans, Sebastiaan P.J. Wijdicks, René M. Castelein MD PhD1, Moyo C. Kruyt

P04 Are Unplanned Reoperation Rates Higher for Rib-based Implant Surgeries Initiated Before Age 2?
Catherine Qiu, Carina Lott, Nirupa Galagedera, Jason Anari, Patrick Cahill

P05 Classifying Vertebral Artery Anatomy Abnormalities in Children with Skeletal Dysplasias
Jennifer M. Bauer, Ekamjeet Dhillon, Shawn Kamps, Ezekiel Maloney, Melody Hsu, Viviana Bompadre, Klane K. White

P06 The Use of Magnetic Expansion Control (MAGEC) system for the management of Early Onset Spinal Deformity (EOSD): Early Results in an African population in Ghana
Kwadwo Poku Yankey, Henry Ofori Duah, Arthur Sackeyfio, Mabel  Adobea Owiredu, Irene Wulff , Harry Akoto, Derick Owusu Nyantakyi, Franklin Coleman, Gerhard Ofori-Amankwah, Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, FOCOS Spine Research Group

P07 Uncorrected Pelvic Obliquity is Associated with Lower Health Related Quality of Life in Ambulatory but not in Non-Ambulatory Patients after Surgical Treatment in Patients with Early Onset Scoliosis
Hiroko Matsumoto, Jacob Ball, Benjamin D. Roye, Sumeet Garg, Mark Erickson, Amer Samdani. David Skaggs, David P. Roye, Michael G. Vitale, Pediatric Spine Study Group

P08 Is Growth-Friendly Surgery Effective for the Treatment of Spinal Deformity in Patients with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita?
Bram Verhofste, John Emans, Patricia Miller, George Thompson, Amer Samdani, Francisco Sanchez Perez-Grueso, Anna McClung, Pediatric Spine Study Group, Michael Glotzbecker

P09 Spinal Deformity in Sotos Syndrome: First Results of Growth-Friendly Surgery
Bram Verhofste, Michael Glotzbecker, David Marks, Anna McClung, Pediatric Spine Study Group, John Emans

P10 Novel Technique for Elongation, Derotation, Flexion Casting Using a Jackson Table
Blake K. Montgomery, Kali Tileston, Japsimran Kaur, Meghan Imrie, James Policy, Lawrence Rinsky, John Vorhies

P11 Revision surgeries after posterior hemivertebra resection with short segmental fusion for congenital scoliosis in young children--More than 10 years follow-up
Jianguo Zhang Shengru Wang  

P12 High Inter-Rater Reliability for Arm Span and Ulnar Length Measurements
A Noelle Larson, Joshua Pahys, Regina Woon, Tricia St. Hilaire, Ron El-Hawary, Ryan Fitzgerald, Jason Cheung

P13 Temporary Distraction using Magnetic Growing Rods for Severe Scoliosis Surgical Treatment
Konstantinos Martikos, Antonio Scarale, Francesco Vommaro, Luca Boriani, Alessandro Ricci, Aristide Morigi, Mariarenata Bacchin, Tiziana Greggi