17th Annual International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis and the Growing Spine
November 8–10, 2023 | Charleston, South Carolina

November 8–10, 2023

All times listed in EST*

2:00–6:30 pm ICEOS Registration Grand Hall Foyer

Session 1: ICEOS Opening Session Magnolia/Willow Ballroom
  Moderators: A. Noelle Larson, Rob Murphy
Not CME-accredited
4:40 pm Welcome N. Larson, MD
4:45 Case Presentations
John Smith, Bob Cho, Amy McIntosh, David Skaggs
5:45 Non-CME Tech Update: Post-Surgical Pain Management in Pediatric Spine Surgery
Supported by Pacira Biosciences
N. Larson, MD
5:51 Study Group Update T. St. Hilaire, MPH
6:00 Corporate Recognition and Thank-You to Top Supporters N. Larson, MD
6:05 Introduction to Smith Family Lecture J. Smith, MD
6:10 How to know when observation is not working Kendra L. Tidwell
6:25 Adjourn  
6:30 pm Welcome Reception Live Oak Ballroom

Thursday, November 9, 2023

6:45 am Registration Grand Hall Foyer
7:00 Continental Breakfast and Exhibit Viewing Live Oak Ballroom
Session 2: EOS—It's Complex Magnolia/Willow Ballroom
  Moderators: Behrooz Akbarnia, Michael Glotzbecker  
7:30 Welcome N. Larson, MD
7:35 Kyphectomy for Myelomeningocele Deformity M. Yazici, MD
7:42 Anterior Approaches for Spinal Deformity in Skeletal Dysplasia K. White, MD
7:49 Timing of Hemivertebra Excision M. Oetgen, MD
7:56 Discussion  
8:11 Life after MCGR in the UK C. Nnadi, MD
8:18 Detecting and Solving Problems when Lengthening MCGRs M. Welborn, MD
8:25 How to Avoid PJK J. Flynn, MD
8:32 Discussion  
  Scientific Papers  
8:47 Paper #1 | 3D Analysis on Changes in Spine Morphology of Early Onset Scoliosis Patients After Spring Distraction System Treatment René M. Castelein
8:52 Paper #2 | Lessons Learned from 20 Years of History Using Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR) in Early Onset Scoliosis Patients Norman F. Ramirez-Lluch
8:57 Paper #3 | Risk of Proximal Junctional Kyphosis After Revision of Growing Rod Constructs Benjamin Roye
9:02 Paper #4 | Increased Thoracic Sagittal Spine Length Improves Pulmonary Function in Early-Onset Scoliosis Matt Holloway
9:07 Paper #5 | Activity Capacity in Children with Early Onset Scoliosis Compared to Pulmonary Function (Spirometry) and Patient Reported Outcomes Jim Sanders
9:12 Discussion  
9:15 am Refreshment Break and Exhibit Viewing Live Oak Ballroom
Session 3: Scientific Papers Magnolia/Willow Ballroom
  Moderators: Lindsay Andras, Randy Betz  
9:45 am Paper #6 | Documenting the Variation of Proximal Foundation Construct and Their Correlation with Unplanned Return to the Operating Room in Children with Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods Fernando Rios
9:50 Paper #7 | To Crosslink or Not, That Is the Question Rob Lark
9:55 Paper #8 | Why Do Some Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods (MCGR) Lengthen While Others Stall? A Clinical and Nano-CT Cross-Tabulation Analysis of MCGR Explants Conor Shea Locke
10:00 Paper #9 | Growing Construct Forces in Early Onset Scoliosis: How Do TGR and VEPTR Compare to MCGR? Jason Anari
10:05 Discussion  
10:11 Paper #10 | Preserving Pulmonary Function in Mini Open Thoracoscopic Assisted Vertebral Body Tethering Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Olaverri
10:16 Paper #11 | Have We Improved Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering Outcomes over Time? An Examination of Survivorship Trends Joshua Tadlock
10:21 Paper #12 | Impact of Tether Breakage on Successful Outcomes in Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Brett Lullo
10:26 Paper #13 | Growth Modulation Response in Thoracic VBT Depends on Magnitude of Concave Vertebral Body Growth Craig Louer
10:31 Discussion  
10:37 Paper #14 | Risk of Unplanned Return to the Operating Room Following MCGR Treatment in Ambulatory Patients Is Equivalent Across C-EOS Etiologies Sumeet Garg
10:42 Paper #15 | Lateral Atlanto-axial Dislocation as a Compensatory Mechanism for Congenital Cervicothoracic Scoliosis Michael Ruf
10:47 Paper #16 | Range of Motion After Occipitocervical and C1-2 Posterior Spinal Instrumentation and Fusion in Children Hammad A. Khan
10:52 Paper #17 | Cervicothoracic Kyphosis in Patients with Hurler's Syndrome Viral Jain
10:57 Discussion  
11:02 Paper #18 | Safety and Efficacy of Growth Friendly Instrumentation in Patients with SMA Type 1 in the Disease-Modifying Treatment Era Muharrem Yazici
11:07 Paper #19 | Case-Matched Comparison of Spinal Fusion versus Growing Rods for NF1 Scoliosis in 8-11 Years of Age Ziming Yao
11:12 Paper #20 | Impact of Co-morbidities on Mortality in Neuromuscular Patients with Early Onset Scoliosis Brian Snyder
11:17 Paper #21 | Scoliosis in Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Identifying the Factors Affecting Severity and Progression from Longitudinal Radiographic Data Michael Kai-Tsun To
11:22 Discussion  
11:40 Pick Up Lunch in the Exhibit Hall, Move to Workshop Space Live Oak Ballroom
  Lunch with Non-CME Workshops  
12:00 Workshop #1| 3D imaging and guidance, what are the available technologies for pediatric spine and when to use them. Let's debate! | Supported by NView L. Floccari, MD; S. Luhmann, MD; J. Vorhies, MD; M. Oetgen, MD Cypress
12:00 Workshop #2| Practical Idealism: Challenging Assumptions and Patient Specific Treatment of EOS| Supported by NuVasive D. Marks, MD; J. Pahys, MD; Paul Sponseller, MD; M. Welborn, MD Dogwood
12:00 Workshop #3| Complex Correction Techniques in Pediatric Deformity |Supported by Medtronic L. Andras, MD; M. Erickson, MD Jenkins/King Charles
12:50 Walking Break  
  Concurrent Breakout Sessions  
Breakout One Non-Fusion Scoliosis
Moderators: Ron El-Hawary & Daniel Hoernschemeyer
1:05 Posterior Dynamic Deformity Device – Early Results on Motion, Growth, and Clinical Studies R. Fitzgerald, MD
1:12 VBT Preserves Motion K. Smit, MD
1:26 The Limits of VBT S. Parent, MD PhD
1:33 My Personal VBT Journey A. Samdani, MD
1:40 Discussion  
2:10 Case Presentation and Debate D. Hoernschemeyer, MD
2:15 I Would Brace G. Hogue, MD
2:22 I Would VBT R. Murphy, MD
2:29 Discussion  
2:40 Breakout One Adjourns  
Breakout Two Multidisciplinary Management of the Child with EOS
Moderators: Richard Anderson, Ying Li
1:05 When to Get an MRI, What to Look for on MRI D. Bauer, MD
1:12 How to Assess the Respiratory System G. Redding, MD
1:19 When to Get Dynamic MRI, How to Use the Data P. Cahill, MD
1:26 Bracing, Casting, and Nonoperative Approaches and the Impact on Chest Wall Health J. Sanders, MD
1:33 Discussion  
1:46 When to Get PROMs, How They Change Point of Care, Psych Impact H. Matsumoto, PhD
1:53 When to Treat Syrinx/Chiari/Tethered Cord and Impact on Outcomes C. Bonfield, MD
2:00 Functional Assessment of EOS - 6 Minute Walk, Motion Analysis Lab A. McIntosh, MD
2:07 Preop Evaluation and Education for the Complex Patient Mr. D. Marks
2:14 Discussion  
2:40 pm Refreshment Break and Exhibit Viewing Live Oak Ballroom
Session 4: EOS is a Team Sport Magnolia/Willow Ballroom
  Moderators: A. Noelle Larson, Paul Sponseller
Part 1: Leading the Charge
3:10 How Do You Engage Your Clinical Team/OR Team L. Andras, MD
3:17 How Do You Propel Your Research Team - Center #1 M. Oetgen, MD
3:24 How Do You Propel Your Research Team - Center #2 Y. Li, MD
3:31 Discussion  
  Scientific Papers  
3:37 Paper #22 | Screening MRI in Congenital EOS; Is It Safe to Delay Advanced Imaging to Decrease Early Anesthesia? Jaimie Gomez, MD
3:42 Paper #23 | Etiology Remains King: Health-Related Quality of Life Outcome at 5 Years Following Growth Friendly Instrumentation for EOS Kenneth Shaw
3:47 Paper #24 | Smaller Curves Improve with Part-Time Bracing in Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis Benjamin Roye
3:52 Paper #25 | A Comparative Study of Protocols for Spinal Casting in Severe Early Onset Scoliosis: A 4-year Progression-free Survival Analysis Jennifer A. Dermott
3:57 Paper #26 | The Time and Travel Burden to Families of Children with Early Onset Scoliosis Ryan McFadden
4:02 Discussion  
  Part 2: Houston, We Have a Problem: Surviving the Bad Event Small Group Discussion Format  
4:08 Code/Loss of Airway/Fire/Evacuation Ying Li, MD
4:16 Neuromonitoring Alert M. Vitale, MD
4:24 Dural Tear R. Iyer, MD
4:32 Loss of Proximal Fixation M. Erickson, MD
4:40 Infection M. Glotzbecker, MD
4:48 Interpersonal Conflict J. Sanders, MD
4:56 Chest Tube Problem R. El-Hawary, MD
5:04 Discussion  
5:10 Adjourn  

Friday, November 10, 2023

7:00 am Registration Grand Hall Foyer
  Continental Breakfast and Exhibit Viewing Live Oak Ballroom
Session 5: Master Techniques – How I Do It from A to Z Magnolia/Willow Ballroom
  Moderators: Josh Pahys, MD & Colin Nnadi, MD
Not CME-accredited
7:25 am Welcome N. Larson, MD
7:30 Spring Distraction System R. Castelein, MD
7:37 Growing Rods in a Marfan Patient P. Sponseller, MD
7:44 Growing Rods in a SMA Nonambulatory Patient J. Anari, MD
7:51 Patient-Specific Drill Guides S. Garg, MD
7:58 Discussion  
8:07 Waterproof Mehta Casting and Available Casting Tables L. Flocarri, MD
8:14 Halo Gravity Traction from A-Z R. Fitzgerald, MD
8:21 Anterior Thoracoscopic Release B. Yaszay, MD
8:28 Discussion  
8:35 Bringing New Surgeries to Your Practice/Hospital/Country P. Grabala, MD
8:42 Revision PJK into the C-spine D. Sucato, MD
8:49 Spinal Column Shortening for Recurrent Tethered Spinal Cord M. Groves, MD
8:56 Temporary Internal Distraction Rods for Severe Scoliosis L. Andras, MD
9:03 Discussion  
9:14 Non-CME Tech Update #3: Update on the DePuy Synthes ALTALYNE™ Ultra Alignment System: A Novel Material in Pediatric Complex Spine | Supported by DePuy Synthes Chris Burke
9:20 am Refreshment Break and Exhibit Viewing Live Oak Ballroom
Session 6: Scientific Papers, Best Paper Award, PSF Presidential Address, Keynote Address  
  Moderators: Behrooz Akbarnia, Amy McIntosh Magnolia/Willow Ballroom
9:50 am Paper #27 | The Rise and Stumble of Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods: How Have Indications Changed over Time? Kate Sborov
9:55 Paper #28 | The Application of Apical Control Techniques in Traditional Dual Growing Rods in the Treatment of Early-onset Scoliosis: A Comparative Study with a Minimum 3-year Follow-up Shengru Wang
10:00 Paper #29 | Risk Factors Associated with Magnetically Controlled Growth Rod (MCGR) Complications: A Single Center Experience Lucas Hauth
10:05 Paper #30 | Failure to Replace Removed Growth Friendly Implants Results in Deteriorating Radiographic and HRQoL Outcomes Benjamin Roye
10:10 Discussion  
10:16 Paper #31 | Predictors of Best Candidates for Shilla Growth Guidance Early Onset Scoliosis William Gabriel ElNemer
10:21 Paper #32 | Serum Titanium Levels Remain Elevated but Urine Titanium Is Undetectable in Children with Early Onset Scoliosis Undergoing Growth-Friendly Surgical Treatment: A Prospective Study Ying Li
10:26 Paper #33 | Core Planar Cell Polarity Genes VANGL1 and VANGL2 in Predisposition to Congenital Scoliosis Nan Wu
10:31 Paper #34 | Limited Fusion for Congenital Scoliosis: Is It Truly One and Done? Michael Heffernan
10:36 Discussion  
10:41 Paper #35 | The Long-Term Impact of Short Segment Fusion in Congenital Scoliosis Craig Louer
10:46 Paper #36 | Ten‑year Trends in Surgical Management of 1207 Congenital Scoliosis and Appropriately Surgical Strategies for CS Worthy of Promotion  
10:51 Paper #37 | Comparison of Perioperative Complication Rates in Congenital Scoliosis Patients with Tethered Cord Andrea Munoz
10:56 Paper #38 | Long-term Results from in Situ Fusion for Congenital Early Onset Scoliosis Jim Kennedy
11:01 Discussion  
11:07 Best Paper #39 | Surgical Treatment of Neuromuscular Early Onset Scoliosis with a Bilateral Posterior One-Way Rod Compared to the Spring Distraction System: A Randomized Controlled Trial (BiPOWR) Rene Castelein
11:12 Discussion and Award Presentation  
11:15 Campbell Award Announcement Noelle Larson, MD
11:18 Campbell Award Acceptance Paul Sponseller, MD
11:25 PSF Presidential Address John Flynn, MD
11:36 ICEOS 2024 Ron El-Hawary, MD
11:40 Keynote Introduction Noelle Larson, MD
11:43 Keynote: How to Avoid Revision of Pediatric Spine Deformity Surgery as an older Teen or Young Adult Lawrence G. Lenke, MD
12:08 pm Q&A and Discussion  
12:16 pm Pick Up Lunch Outside the Exhibit Hall, Move to Workshop Space Grand Hall
Lunch with Non-CME Workshops    
12:25 pm Workshop #4| Motion Preservation Options in the EOS and AIS Patient Population – Advancements in Guided Growth and Posterior Distraction | Supported by Orthopediatrics S. Luhmann, MD; T. Oswald, MD Cypress
12:25 pm Workshop #5| Skeletal Immaturity & VBT: How Utilization of a Sanders Score Can Better Predict Growth Modulation| Supported by ZimVie M. Boeyer, PhD; D. Hoernschemeyer, MD; F. Miyanji, MD; A. Samdani, MD Dogwood
12:25 pm Workshop #6: Reflecting on REFLECT™: Exploring a Non-Fusion Technique for the Growing Spine | Supported by Globus Medical J. Olaverri, MD Jenkins/King Charles
1:15 Walking Break  
Concurrent Breakout Sessions    
Breakout Three C-Spine Cases
Moderator: Burt Yaszay; Panel: Jonathan Martin, Andrew Jea, Josh Pahys
1:20 pm Case Discussions  
Breakout Four Myelo Scoliosis, Kyphus, Problems with the Insensate Child
Moderator: Josh Murphy; Panel: Scott Luhmann, John Smith, Jean Ouellet
1:20 pm Case Discussions  
Breakout Five Congenital Scoliosis
Moderator: Bob Cho; Panel: Sumeet Garg, Terry Zhang, Matt Oetgen, Amy McIntosh
Jenkins/King Charles
1:20 pm Case Discussions  
2:05 pm Walking Break  
Session 7: Debates Magnolia/Willow Ballroom
  Moderators: Michael Glotzbecker, Amy McIntosh
2:10 pm With High-density Pedicle Screws, Crankshafting No Longer Exists L. Blakemore, MD
2:17 Crankshafting is Still a Problem K. White, MD
2:24 Debate Rebuttals/Final Comments  
  Rib-Based Instrumentation  
2:28 Rib-Based Instrumentation is Bad for Lungs C. Johnston, MD
2:35 Rib-Based Instrumentation is Great and Doesn't Hurt Pulmonary Function D. Skaggs, MD
2:42 Debate Rebuttals/Final Comments  
  When to Get an MRI  
2:46 MRI on Diagnosis B. Snyder, MD
2:53 Wait until Symptomatic/Avoid the Anesthesia B. Ramo, MD
3:00 Debate Rebuttals/Final Comments  
  Treating Tweeners  
3:04 Tweener - Brace and then Fuse Mr. D. Marks
3:11 Tweener - MCGR M. Glotzbecker, MD
3:18 Tweener – VBT F. Miyanji, MD, FRCSC
3:25 Debate Rebuttals/Final Comments  
3:29 Closing Remarks N. Larson, MD
3:30 17th Annual ICEOS Adjourns