15th Annual International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis and the Growing Spine. Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT
November 10-12, 2021

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

All times listed in EST*

12:00pm ICEOS Registration Imperial Ballroom Foyer

Pre-Course: VBT for the Growing Spine Imperial Ballroom
1:30 Welcome J. Flynn, MD
Session #1: VBT for the Growing Spine Mod: D. Hoernschemeyer, MD
1:35-1:49 Keynote Address: VBT Was Actually Designed for the Growing Spine P. Newton, MD
1:50-1:54 Q&A  
Debate: VBTvs. MCGR
1:55-1:59 Introductory Case El-Hawary, MD, MSc, FRCS(c)
2:00-2:09 Pro-VBT A. Samdani, MD
2:10-2:19 Pro-MCGR D. Skaggs, MD
2:20-2:29 Discussion  
2:30-2:39 Tethering Very Early Onset Scoliosis R. Betz, MD
2:40-2:44 Q&A  
2:45-2:54 VBT for Non-Idiopathic EOS: I Tried It, It Works S. Parent, MD
2:55-3:00 Q&A  
3:00-3:25 Refreshment Break and Exhibit Viewing Grand Salon
Session #2 VBT Techniques and Innovations Mod: N. Larson, MD
3:30-3:44 Positioning and Portals P. Newton, MD
3:45-3:54 The Role of the Access Surgeon A. Samdani, MD
3:55-4:04 Open Approaches R. Betz, MD
4:05-4:09 Q&A  
4:10-4:19 Navigation to Improve VBT Safety N. Larson, MD
4:19-4:28 Optimizing Correction: Positioning, How Much to Tension S. Parent, MD
4:29-4:38 Complications Unique to VBT—How to Treat and Avoid P. Cahill, MD
4:38-4:44 Q&A  
4:45-5:24 Case Discussions: VBT
Panel: Drs.R. Betz, R.El-Hawary, N. Larson, P. Newton, S. Parent, A. Samdani, B. Yaszay
Mod: M. Vitale, MD, MPH
5:25-5:30 Session Break  
Session #3 Welcome toICEOS 2021! Special Lecture and Award Imperial Ballroom
5:30-5:35 Welcome Remarks J. Flynn, MD
5:35-5:39 Introduction of the Smith Family Annual Lecture J. Smith,MD
5:40-5:59 Skiing on the Radical Edge Rachael Burks
6:06-6:10 Introduction of the Robert M. Campbell, Jr. Award J. Flynn, MD
6:11-6:15 Acceptance Speech  
6:15 Adjourn and Move to Grand Salon for Reception  
6:15-7:15 Welcome Reception Grand Salon

Thursday, November 11, 2021

6:30 am ICEOS Registration, Breakfast & Exhibits Imperial Ballroom Foyer & Grand Salon
7:30 Welcome J. Flynn, MD
Session #4 This Moment on the Pendulum: Probing the Limits of MCGR Mod: J. Sawyer, MD
7:35-7:45 How the Pendulum Can Swingin Our Field: Examples and Lessons C. Johnston, MD
7:46-7:53 MCGR With This Sagittal Contour? Not a Good Idea M. Glotzbecker, MD
7:54-8:01 Preparing the Rigid Spine for MCGR B. Yaszay, MD
8:02-8:09 MCGR: Considering Cost Efficacy M. Oetgen, MD
8:10-8:17 Q&A  
8:18-8:25 When to Choose TGR Over MCGR J. Anari, MD
8:26-8:33 How I Deal with the Non-Lengthening MCGR M. Vitale, MD, MPH
8:34-8:41 The Aging MCGR: When to ChangeOut A. McIntosh, MD
8:42-8:49 Do We Always Have to Remove MCGR at Graduation? P. Sponseller, MD
8:50-8:56 Q&A  
Session #5 The Tweener Debate Mod: S. Weinstein, MD
8:57 Case: Newly Presenting Sanders 2with 50° Idiopathic Scoliosis J. Flynn, MD
8:58-9:03 I Would Brace Y. Li, MD
9:04-9:09 I Would Tether D. Hoernschemeyer, MD
9:10-9:15 I Would Use an MCGR J. Brooks, MD
9:16-9:21 I Would Usea Ratcheting Expandable
Growth-Friendly Device
R. El-Hawary, MD,MSc, FRCS(c)
9:30-9:31 Case: What Was Done and Outcome J. Flynn, MD
9:32 Case: Newly Presenting 9 y/o GMFCS IV CP with 60° Curve Mod:R. Murphy, MD
9:33-9:38 I Would Brace R. Fitzgerald, MD
9:39-9:44 I Would MCGR L. Andras, MD
9:45-9:50 I Would Fuse N. Larson, MD
9:51-9:58 Discussion: Pro's and Con's  
9:59-10:00 Case: What Was Done and Outcome R. Murphy, MD
10:00-10:30 Refreshment Break & Exhibit Viewing Grand Salon
Session #6 Scientific Papers Session Mod: C. Hardesty, MD
10:30 Welcome Mod: C. Hardesty, MD
10:31-10:35 Paper1: Does Transitioning to a Brace Improve HRQoL after Casting in EOS? S. Ihnow, MD
10:36-10:40 Paper 2: Can Traction Films Predict Cast Correction? M. Glotzbecker, MD
10:41-10:45 Paper 3: Safety & Efficacy of Waterproof Mehta Casting for EOS L. Floccari, MD
10:46-10:50 Paper 4: Bracing for Infantile Scoliosis: 2-Year Outcome Data S. Wong
10:51-10:55 Discussion  
10:56-11:00 Paper 5: Treating EOS With the Spring Distraction System. Are there Differences in Efficacy Between Etiological Groups? I. Blaauw
11:01-11:05 Paper 6: Finite Element Comparison of the Spring Distraction System and the Traditional Growing Rod for the Treatment of EOS J. Lemans, MD
11:06-11:10 Paper 7: The Basic Science Supporting Usage of the Rib Construct R. Gross, MD
11:16-11:20 Discussion Mod: J. Brooks, MD
11:21-11:25 Paper9: The Harms Study Group Retrospective Comparison Study On Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering Versus Posterior Spinal Fusion for Primary Thoracic Curves P. Newton, MD
11:26-11:30 Paper 10: Results of Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) for Non-Idiopathic Patients: A Multicenter Study N. Larson, MD
11:31-11:35 Paper 11: Intervertebral Disc Health Following Vertebral Body Tethering for AIS T. Jackson, MD
11:36-11:40 Paper 12: Sanders 2 Skeletal Maturity Patients Have the Greatest Rate and Duration of Post Anterior Tether Scoliosis Correction P. Newton, MD
11:41-11:46 Discussion  
11:47-11:51 Paper 13: Not All About Patients: Preventative Strategies Reduce the Risk of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) in Pediatric Spine Surgery H. Matsumoto, MD
11:52-11:56 Paper 14: Does Growing Rod Salvaging Lead to Increased Recurrent Infection Rates? K. Vangipuram
11:57-12:01 Paper 15: Proximal Level Selection in Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods: T2 or T3 MayBe Protective Against Implant Related Complications and UPROR H. Elsebaie, MD, FRCS
12:02-12:06pm Paper 16: Do Clinic Performed MCGR Lengthening Happen as Frequently as Intended? ASite-specific Analysis of Magnetically Controlled Growing Rod Treatment Intervals C. Louer, MD
12:07-12:12 Discussion  
12:12-12:20 Non-CME Technology update: MRI Evaluation Following VBT presented by Daniel Hoernschemeyer, MD Supported by: Zimmer Biomet  
12:30-1:25 Non-CME Workshops with Lunch
Participants are invited to attend the workshop of their choice:
# 1: Neuromuscular Scoliosis: Principles of Management and Complication Prevention
Venezia Room
Amer Samdani, MD, M. Glotzbecker, MD & Michelle Wellborn, MD
Supported by: DePuy Synthes
# 2: Setting Your Patients up for a Successful Fusionin the Future
Murano Room
David Bumpass, MD & Richard McCarthy, MD
Sponsored by: Medtronic
# 3: Cone Beam Tomosynthesis: How to Use this Novel Imaging Technology for Deformity Correction. A Debrief of First Cases andHands-On
Envoy Room
Brandon Ramo, MD, Matt Oetgen, MD, and Cristian Atria
Supported by: nView Medical
Session#7 Discussion Breakouts  
1:30-3:00 Breakout #1: How to Build an EOS Practice
Panel:Drs. L. Andras,J. Brooks, J.Gomez, G. Hogue, J. Pahys and A. Samdani
Murano Room
Mod: M. Glotzbecker, MD
1:30-3:00 Breakout #2: EOS Complications: Treating and Avoiding
Panel: Drs. D. Brockmeyer, R. El-Hawary, J. Flynn, D. Skaggs and P. Sponseller
Imperial Ballroom
Mod: M. Vitale, MD, MPH
3:00-3:20 Refreshment Break & Exhibits Grand Salon
Session #8 The Wisdom of the Ages: Perspectives from Surgeons
Battling EOS for Many Years
Imperial Ballroom
Mod: D. Skaggs, MD
3:20-3:26 Inserting That First Implant: How to Know When It Is Time J. Flynn, MD
3:27-3:33 When Not to Operate: ChildrenWe Can't MakeBetter C. Johnston, MD
3:34-3:40 Children That We Can Make MuchBetter Than 20 Years Ago R. McCarthy, MD
3:41-3:49 Q&A  
3:50-3:56 Is ThereStill a Role for TGR or VEPTR in 2021? S. Weinstein, MD
3:57-4:03 My Favorite Use for MCGR in 2021 M. Oetgen, MD, MBA
4:05-4:11 The Role ofAnterior Surgery in My EOS Practice P. Newton, MD
4:12-4:18 When a Final Fusion Makes a Graduate Worse J. Smith, MD
4:19-4:24 Q&A J. Smith, MD
4:25-5:00 Case Presentations to Experienced EOS Surgeons
Panel: Drs.C. Johnston, R. McCarthy, P. Newton, D. Skaggs, J.Smith, P. Sturm, M. Vitale
Case Presenter: G. Hogue, MD
5:00pm Adjourn  

Friday, November 12, 2021

6:45 Breakfast and Exhibit Viewing Grand Salon
7:30 Welcome Imperial Ballroom
Session #9 EOS: State of the Art 2021 Mod: M. Welborn, MD
7:32-7:42 Monitoring Pulmonary Function Without Full PFTs G. Redding, MD
7:43-7:53 Casting and Bracing: Best Practices to Delay that 1st Implant J. Sanders, MD
7:54-7:59 Q&A J. Sanders, MD
8:00-8:10 The Evolution of EOS Graduation Strategies J. Smith, MD
8:11-8:21 EOS Graduates Quality of Life J. Sawyer, MD
8:22-8:32 Innovations: Use of Navigation and Robotics for EOS Surgery M. Erickson, MD
8:33-8:38 Q&A  
8:39-8:49 Current and Future Medical Treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy R. Butterfield, MD
8:50-9:00 My 2021 Approach to SMA EOS and Thoracic Insufficiency P. Cahill, MD
9:01-9:09 Q&A  
Session #10 ScientificPapers Session Mod: J. Gomez, MD
9:10-9:14 Paper 17: Lung Parenchymal Characterization in EOS UsingDynamic
Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Parenchymal Aeration Phantom Study
P. Cahill, MD
9:15-9:19 Paper 18: The Impact of Vertebral Body Tethering on Pulmonary Function S. Hwang, MD
9:20-9:24 Paper 19: Risk of Ventricular Peritoneal Shunt Malfunction in EOS M. Johnson
9:25-9:29 Paper 20: Baclofen Pump Use: Complications After Growth-Friendly
Surgery Instrumentation for EOS
A. Xu, MD
9:30-9:35 Q&A  
9:36-9:41 Paper 21: Leave it Alone: The Natural History of Growth Friendly
Graduates Without a Final Fusion
C. Hardesty, MD
9:41-9:45 Paper 22: Why are Graduates Failing Late? A Detailed Investigation of Patients withMore Than 2 Years Follow Up R. Murphy, MD
9:46-9:50 Paper 23: Expect Complications When Managing Dystrophic
Neurofibromatosis 1-Related EOS and a Reprieve withConversion to Fusion
S. Hwang, MD
9:51-9:59 Q&A  
10:00-10:25 Refreshment Break and Exhibits Grand Salon
Session #11 Scientific Papers Session Imperial Ballroom
Mod: J. Anari, MD
10:30-10:34 Paper 24: The Effect of Surgeon Experience on Outcomes
Following Growth Friendly Instrumentation for EOS
M. Heffernan, MD
10:35-10:39 Paper 25: Trends in the Utilization of Implants in Index
Procedures for EOS from the Pediatric Spine Study Group
R. Murphy, MD
10:40-10:44 Paper 26: When is Pelvic Fixation Necessary in Children With
Hypotonic Neuromuscular Scoliosis Treated With Growing Instrumentation?
Y. Li, MD
10:45-10:49 Paper 27: Younger Age at Spinal Cord Detethering is Potentially
Associated With a Reduced Risk of Curve Progression in Children With EOS
R. Iyer, MD
10:50-10:54 Q&A  
10:55-10:59 Paper 28: Does Casting/ Bracing Prevent Curve Progression in EOS Patients With Connective Tissue Disease? N. Larson, MD
11:00-11:04 Paper 29: Wireless In Vivo Electronic Measurement of Tether Tension B. Sinder, MD, PhD
11:05-11:09 Paper 30: Retrospective Analysis of Associated Anomalies in 637 Congenital Scoliosis Patients N. Wu, MD
11:10-11:14 Paper31: Mortality in Neuromuscular EOS Following Spinal Deformity Surgery H. Matsumoto, MD
11:15-11:20 Q&A  
11:21-11:26 Best Paper #32: Salvage Treatment of Failed Growth-Friendly Surgery for Early Onset Spinal Deformity R. Iyer, MD
11:27-11:31 Q&A  
11:32-11:40 PSF Presidential Address D. Skaggs, MD
11:41-11:43 ICEOS 2022 - Rome B. Yaszay, MD
11:44-11:59 Keynote: Untreated/Neglected EOS: Current Challenges and Lessons Learned in the Developing World G. Mundis, MD
12:00 pm Q&A  
*Note - Only presenting authors are listed. The full author list is presented in the Abstracts section of the App
12:10-12:55 Non-CME Workshops with Lunch
Participants are invited to attend the workshop of their choice.
#1: The Science Behind MAGEC– Setting the Record Straight
Murano Room
Toby Jacobs, MS & Kyle Malone, MS
Supported by: NuVasive
# 2: The ApiFix Procedure: Patient Selection and Clinical Experience
Venezia Room
Timothy Oswald, MD &Ryan Fitzgerald, MD
Supported by: OrthoPediatrics
Session #12 The Grand Finale- Masters Tips and Techniques Imperial Ballroom
Mod: S.Luhmann, MD
1:00-1:09 OccipitocervicalFusion—Indications and Techniques D. Brockmeyer, MD
1:10-1:19 Decision-Making and Techniques for Hemivertebra Resection/Fusion G. Hogue, MD
1:20-1:29 How I Pick My LIV in EOS (Including Pelvis vs. L5) J. Pahys, MD
1:30-1:40 Q&A  
1:41-1:50 Jarcho-Levin and Jeune Syndrome: Decision-Making and Surgical Techniques P. Cahill, MD
1:51-2:00 Clean-up and Fusion After Long-term MCGR Treatment B. Yaszay, MD
2:01-2:10 Management of Severe PJK After Growth Friendly Surgery M. Erickson, MD
2:11-2:19 Q&A  
  EOS Townhall: Case Discussions and Participant Polling:
Indications and Treatments for EOS cases

Case Presenters: Drs. J. Anari, L.Andras,N. Larson and B. Ramo
Mod: D. Skaggs, MD
2:20-2:23 Instructions Re: Participant Polling App  
2:24-3:29 Case Discussions  
3:30pm Adjourn