7th International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis (ICEOS)
November 21-22, 2013


Session 1: Instructional Lectures “Fundamentals”
Moderator: Michael Vitale, MD

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Minimizing Radiation in EOS – From a Pediatric Radiologist Perspective

Jerry Dwek, MD


What a Pediatric Spine Surgeon Needs to Know about Pulmonology

Greg Redding, MD


Classification of EOS

Michael Vitale, MD


Natural History of EOS, and What Happens with Early Fusion

Lori Karol, MD


Classification of Growth Friendly Implants

David Skaggs, MD


Issues with Repetitive Anesthesia in the Young

Piyush Patel, MD


Session 2: Free Papers “American Idol Style”
Moderator: David Marks, FRCS
Judges: Laurel Blakemore, Charlie Johnston, John Emans
Format: Judges hold up signs 1-10 and give 1-2 sentences on each paper

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Free Paper #1: Pediatric Thoracic Volume Modeling for Early Onset Scoliosis: A Validation Study

Kristin England. MD; Charles Ledonio, MD; David Polly, MD; Behrooz Akbarnia, MD; Eric Hoggard, MD


Free Paper #2: Final Fusion After Growing Rod Treatment for Early Onset Scoliosis: Is it Really Final?

Connie Poe-Kochert, CNP; Claire Shannon, MD; Jeff Pawelek; George H. Thompson, MD; Christina K. Hardesty, MD; David Marks, FRCS; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Richard E. McCarthy, MD; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #3: Pulmonary And Radiographic Outcomes Of VEPTR Treatment In Early Onset Scoliosis

Ozgur Dede, MD; Etsuro K. Motoyama; Charles I. Yang; Rebecca L. Mutich; Austin J. Bowles; Vincent F. Deeney


Free Paper #4: Distraction Based Treatment Maintains Predicted Thoracic Dimensions in Early Onset Scoliosis

Michael Glotzbecker, MD; John B. Emans, MD; Meryl Gold; Patricia Miller; Behrooz Akbarnia, MD; Charles Johnston, MD; Suken Shah, MD; Francisco Sanchez Perez-Grueso, MD; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #5: Comparison of Thoracic Growth and Pulmonary Function in Treated versus Untreated Early Onset Scoliosis Patients

Andriy Mezentsev, MD; Dmytro Petrenko, MD


Free Paper #6: The Rib Construct: A Valuable Alternative for Management of Early Onset Spinal Deformity

Alaa A.Ahmad, MD; Richard H. Gross, MD


Free Paper #7: Introduction of Shilla surgery into Japan: A report on the first 22 patient

Teppei Suzuki; Koki Uno, MD


Free Paper #8: Spinal Height (T1-T12) in Shilla Patients Who Have Reached Maturity

Richard E. McCarthy, MD; Frances L. McCullough, MNSc


Free Paper #9: Radiographic Outcomes of Patients Treated with Shilla Growth Guidance System and Definitive Posterior Spinal Fusion

Christopher G. Salib, MS; June C. O'Donnell, MPH; Scott J. Luhmann


Free Paper #10: The Effect of Positioning on Radiographic Measurements for Early-Onset Scoliosis

Caleb Behrend; John Faust; Suzanne Hilt; James Sanders, MD


Free Paper #11: Case-Matched Comparison of Spinal Fusion Versus Growing Rods for the Surgical Treatment of Progressive Idiopathic Scoliosis in Skeletally Immature Patients

Jeff Pawelek, BS; Burt Yaszay, MD; Stacie Nguyen, MPH; Peter O. Newton, MD; Gregory M. Mundis, MD; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Harms Study Group; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #12: Criterion Validity Test-Retest Reliability and Internal Consistency Reliability of the Early-Onset Scoliosis 24 Item Questionnaire (EOSQ-24)

Hiroko Matsumoto, MA; Howard Park, BA; Evan Trupia, BS; David Roye, MD; Behrooz Akbarnia, MD; Robert Campbell, MD; John M. Flynn, MD; Sumeet Garg, MD; James Sanders, MD; John Smith, MD; Burt Yaszay, MD; Michael Vitale, MD, MPH


Free Paper #13: Is There An Optimal Time Interval to Distract Dual Growing Rods?

Michael Paloski, DO; Paul Sponseller, MD


Free Paper #14: Serial Casting as a Delaying Tactic In Congenital Spinal Deformities

Gokhan Demirkiran MD; Senol Bekmez MD; Rustem Celilov MD; Ozgur Dede MD; Muharrem Yazici, MD


Free Paper #15: Pulmonary Function Following Early Thoracic Long Fusion in Congenital Scoliosis: Long-term Follow-up Study.

Toshiki Saito; Noriaki Kawakami; Taichi Tsuji; Tetsuya Ohara; Yoshitaka Suzuki; Ayato Nohara; Ryo Sugawara; Kosuke Takimura; Kyotaro Ohta; Kazuki Kawakami


Session 3: Congenital Spine Deformity
Moderator: Jim Sanders, MD

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Debate: Early or Late Intervention for EOS - Charlie Johnston, MD

Debate: Early or Late Intervention for EOS - Ron El-Hawary, MD

Charlie Johnston, MD – Late – 7 mins
Ron El-Hawary, MD – Early – 7mins


Discussion of Steve Marjedtko’s Case

Drs. Johnston, Newton & Bollini


When to Stop Lengthening? And What’s Next?

Paul Sponseller, MD


What is the Role of Halo Traction?

Jim Sanders, MD


What Every Spine Surgeon Should Know about Neurosurgical Issues – When to Refer, When Not to Worry

Amer Samdani, MD

3:25 – 4:05

Session 4: Free Papers: Finalists for Best Abstract
Moderator: Hillal Noordeen, FRCS

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Free Paper #16: Early Onset Scoliosis Treated With Growing Rods Has More Spinal Growth Better Cobb Correction But More Than Twice The Number Of Surgeries Compared To Shilla

Lindsay M. Andras, MD; Elizabeth R.A. Joiner, BS; Richard E. McCarthy, MD; Scott J. Luhmann, MD; Paul D. Sponseller, MD; John B. Emans, MD; David Skaggs, MD, MMM; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #17: Five to Sixteen-Year Results of 201 Growing Rod Patients: Is There a Difference Between Etiologies?

Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Nima Kabirian, MD; Jeff Pawelek, BS; George H. Thompson, MD; John B. Emans, MD; Paul D. Sponseller, MD, MBA; David L. Skaggs, MD; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #18: Traditional Growing Rods Versus Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods in Early Onset Scoliosis: A Case-Matched Two-Year Study

Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Kenneth Cheung, MD; Gokhan Demirkiran, MD; Hazem Elsebaie, FRCS, MD; John B. Emans, MD; Charles E. Johnston, MD; Gregory M. Mundis, MD; Hilali Noordeen, FRCS; Jeff Pawelek; Matthew Shaw, FRCS; David L. Skaggs, MD, MMM; Paul D. Sponseller, MD, MBA; George H. Thompson, MD; Muharrem Yazici, MD; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #19: CT Lung Volume Changes after Surgical treatment for Early-onset Scoliosis

Charles E. Johnston, MD; Anna McClung, BSN, RN


Free Paper #20: Peri-Operative Neurological Injury Associated with Rib-Distraction Surgery

Luke Gauthier, MD; Yousef Mandourah, BSc; Amy McIntosh; Jack Flynn; Ron El-Hawary, MD, MSc, FRCSC


Free Paper #21: The Classification for Early Onset Scoliosis (C-EOS) Identifies Patients at Higher Risk for Complications at 5 years of Follow Up

Michael G. Vitale, MD,MPH; Howard Y. Park, BA; Hiroko Matsumoto, MA; Tricia St. Hilaire, BS; Jeff B. Pawelek, BS; Evan P. Trupia, BS; Hasani W. Swindell, BS; John M. Flynn, MD; David L. Skaggs, MD; David P. Roye, MD

8:35 – 10:10

Session 5: Free Papers: Instrumentation/Techniques
Moderator: Michael Glotzbecker MD & Koki Uno, MD

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Free Paper #22: Proximal Hooks In Growing Rod Systems: Can They Prevent Proximal Junctional Failures?

Francesco Lolli, MD; Konstantinos Martikos, MD; Elena Maredi, MD; Mario Di Silvestre, MD; Francesco Vommaro, MD; Andrea Baioni, MD; Tiziana Greggi, MD


Free Paper #23: Proximal Junctional Kyphosis Measurement Variability in Patients with Growing Rods

Kody K. Barrett, BA; Lindsay M. Andras, MD; Paul D. Choi, MD; Vernon T. Tolo, MD; David Skaggs, MD


Free Paper #24: Reliability of Proximal Junctional Kyphosis Measurements for Early Onset Scoliosis

Ammar Al Khudairy; Luke Gauthier; Jacob Matz; John Heflin; Ron El-Hawary


Free Paper #25: Radiographic Analysis of Cervicothoracic and Spinopelvic Changes After Dual Growing Rod Surgery for Early Onset Scoliosis

Daniel Barba, MD; Gregory M. Mundis Jr, MD; Burt Yaszay, MD; Jeff Pawelek, BS; Stacie Nguyen, MPH; Nima Kabirian, MD; Suken Shah, MD; John B. Emans, MD; Charles E. Johnston, MD; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #26: Growing Spinal Systems And Early Onset Deformities: Is Hyperkhyphosis A Contraindication?

Tiziana Greggi, MD; Francesco Lolli, MD; Elena Maredi, MD; Konstantinos Martikos, MD; Mario Di Silvestre, MD; Andrea Baioni, MD


Free Paper #27: Do Thoracolumbar/lumbar Curves Respond Differently To Growing Rod Surgery Compared To Thoracic Curves?

Navid R. Arandi, BS; Jeff Pawelek, BS; Nima Kabirian, MD; George H. Thompson, MD; John B. Emans, MD; John M. Flynn, MD; John P. Dormans, MD; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Growing Spine Study Group


Free Paper #28: Sublaminar Wires in Growing Constructs for EOS with Severe Curves Effective in Preventing Proximal Anchor Pullout

Anna McClung, BSN, RN; Charles E. Johnston, MD; Brandon A. Ramo, MD; Daniel J. Sucato, MD, MS


Free Paper #29: The Sagital Balance Challenge In Fusionless Surgery: PJK Predicting Factors in VEPTR Technique

Norberto Ventura, PhD, MD; Ana Ey, MD; Augusto Covaro, PhD; Inma Vilalta, PhD; Melisa Stitzman, PhD; Iago Garreta, PhD; David Bongiovanni, PhD


Free Paper #30: The Use of VEPTR for Treatment of Congenital Scoliosis without Fused Ribs

Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD; Robert F. Murphy, MD; Alice Moisan, BSN; Derek M. Kelly, MD; William C. Warner, MD


Free Paper #31: Long-term Results Of Posterior Non-instrumented Fusion In Very Young Children With Congenital Hemivertebra

Martin Repko, Milan Filipovic, Milan Leznar, Jan Pesek, Otto Vlach


Free Paper #32: The Use of Spinal and Rib Based Distraction Systems in Early Onset Scoliosis Associated with Myelomeningocele

John T. Smith; John A. Heflin, MD; Paul Sponseller, MD; Larry Karlin, MD


Free Paper #33: The Use of Rib-Based Distraction in Dysplastic Early Onset Scoliosis associated with Neurofibromatosis

John T. Smith; John A. Heflin, MD; Michael G. Vitale, MD; Ron El-Hawary, MD; Randal Betz, MD

10:25 – 11:45

Session 6: Complications and Cases
Moderator: John Lonstein, MD

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Summary of Basic Science Studies

Brian Snyder, MD


Neurological Complications in EOS and Neuromonitoring Issues

Gerard Bollini, MD


Case Presentation: A Bad EOS Complication I have had or seen

Joe Perra, MD


Case Presentation: A Bad EOS Complication I have had or seen

Laurel Blakemore, MD


Case Presentation: A Bad EOS Complication I have had or seen

David Marks, FRCS


Long term followup of EOS fusions - average 32 year since surgery

John Lonstein, MD


When I use VEPTR vs. Growing Rod

John Emans, MD

12:40 – 1:20

Session 7: Free Papers: Complications
Moderator: Jeff Sawyer, MD

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Free Paper #34: Safety of Pedicle Screws for Pediatric Patients Younger than 10 Years Old: Analysis of 5024 Pedicle Screws

Takahito Fujimori, MD; Burt Yaszay; Carrie E. Bartley; Tracey P. Bastrom; Peter O. Newton, MD


Free Paper #35: Surgeon Practices Regarding Infection Prevention for Growth Friendly Spinal Procedures

Michael P. Glotzbecker, MD; Sumeet Garg, MD; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH; Tricia St Hilaire, MPH; Ajeya Joshi


Free Paper #36: Wound Complications of VEPTR Incisions

Sumeet Garg, MD; Jaren LaGreca, BA; Tricia St. Hilaire, BS; Dexiang Gao, PhD; Michael Glotzbecker, MD; Ying Li, MD; John T. Smith, MD; Jack M. Flynn, MD


Free Paper #37: Incidence of False Positive Spinal Cord Monitoring Alerts in Surgery for Early Onset Scoliosis

Oliver M. Stokes; Katherine Bowyer, BSc; Laura Goodger, BSc; Hossein Mehdian, MD, FRCS


Free Paper #38: Quality of Life and Burden of Care in Patients with Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) Undergoing Casting

Hiroko Matsumoto; Evan Trupia, BS; Hasani Swindell, BS; Tara Flynn, BA; Jeff Pawelek, BS; Sumeet Garg, MD; Michael Glotzbecker, MD; David Roye, MD; James Sanders, MD; Peter Sturm, MD; Michael Vitale, MD, MPH


Free Paper #39: Is Neuromonitoring necessary for VEPTR expansion and implant exchanges in Early Onset Scoliosis?

John T. Smith; Man Hung, PhD


Session 8: Masters Technqiues, Tips and Tricks
Moderator: John Smith, MD

Aragon Ballroom II & III


Masters Technique – Casting

Jim Sanders, MD


Masters Technique – SHILLA

Rick Mccarthy, MD


Masters Technique – SHILLA

Scott Luhmann, MD


Masters Technique – Growing Rods

Behrooz Akbarnia, MD


Masters Technique – Rib Anchored Distraction Based Growing Rods

David Skaggs, MD


Masters Technique – MAGEC

Hillal Noordeen, FRCS


Masters Techniques: Anterior Tether

Peter Newton, MD


Masters Techniques: Anterior Tether

Amer Samdani, MD


Tips and Tricks



VCR Plus Growing Rod

John Emans, MD


How to start an EOS casting program?

Lindsay Andras, MD


Vertebral Column Lengthening with Open Wedge Osteotomy in Congenital Bars

Deszö Jeszensky, MD


Intra-operative Traction

Rick Schwend, MD

E-Poster #1: The Surgical Management of Spinal Deformity in Children with a Fontan Circulation: Development of a Treatment Algorithm
Scott Evans, MB ChB; Arul Ramasamy; David Marks; Jonathan Spilsbury; Andrew Tatman; Paul Miller; Adrian Gardner

Disclosures: Evans: None.  Ramasamy: None. Marks: None.  Spilsbury: None.  Tatman: None. Miller: None. Gardner: None.

E-Poster #2: The Evolution of Sagittal Alignment of the Spine on Sitting Position during Childhood
Saygin Kamaci; Halil Gokhan Demirkiran, MD; Altug Yucekul; Muharrem Yazici, MD

Disclosures: Kamaci: None. Demirkiran: None. Yucekul: None. Yazici: None.

E-Poster #3:   Combined Use of Transpedicular Enucleation and the Plate-Rod System for Scoliosis for Single-Stage Correction of Progressive Hemivertebral Scoliosis
Qibin Ye

Disclosures: Ye: None.

E-Poster #4: Quantifying Anesthesia Exposure in Growing Rod Treatment
Nima Kabirian, MD; Matthew J. Goldstein, MD; Jeff Pawelek, BS; Gregory M. Mundis Jr., MD; Burt Yaszay, MD; Peter O. Newton; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Growing Spine Study Group

Disclosures: Kabirian: None.  Goldstein: None. Pawelek: None. Mundis Jr. A ; NuVasive, DePuy, OREF. B; NuVasive, K2M. C; NuVasive, K2M. F; NuVasive, K2M. B. Yaszay A; DePuy, Harms Study Group. B; K2M, Orthopediatrics, DePuy, Medtronic. C; DePuy, K2M. F; Orthopediatrics, K2M. P.O. NewtonA; DePuy, EOS Imaging, Orthopedic Research & Education Foundation, Pediatric Orthopedica Society of North America, Scoliosis Research Society, Harms Study Group Foundation, Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation, Childrens Specialist Foundation. B; DePuy. C; DePuy. D; ElectroCore. F; DePuy, Theime Publishing. Akbarnia A; DePuy, NuVasive. B; NuVasive, K2M, Ellipse, K Spine. D; NuVasive, Ellipse, K Spine, Nocimed. F; DePuy, NuVasive. G. Study Group A; Growing Spine Foundation.

E-Poster #5: Strength of Pedicle Screws and the Rib Construct Against Kyphotic Pullout Forces - Modelling a Clinical Phenomenom
Richard H. Gross; Hai Yao, PhD; Gregory J. Wright, MS

Disclosures: Gross: None. Yao: None. Wright: None

E-Poster #6 : Spinal Hemiepiphysiodesis Using Typical Clinical Construct Retains Significant Spine Flexibility
Matthew T. Coombs; Max F. De Carvalho, MD; David L. Glos; Kim Jay, PhD; Eric J. Wall, MD; Donita I. Bylski-Austrow, PhD

Disclosures: Coombs: None. De Carvalho: None. Glos: None.  Jay: None.  Wall A; SpineForm LLC, donation of instruments for this study. B; OrthoPediatrics. D; SpineForm LLC. F;  SpineForm LLC, patent holder and royalty agreement via author’s institution.  Bylski-Austrow A; SpineForm, LLC, provided instruments for this study, DePuy Spine provided instruments for a different study. F; SpineForm, LLC, patent holder, royalty agreement via author's institution.

E-Poster #7 : Magnetically Controlled Growing Rod in Early Onset Scoliosis: Retrospective Review Focusing on Complications
Elena Maredi, MD; Konstantinos Martikos, MD; Francesco Lolli, MD; Mario Di Silvestre, MD; Andrea Baioni, MD; Tiziana Greggi, MD

Disclosures: Maredi: None. Martikos:one. Lolli: None. Di Silvestre: None. Baioni: None. Greggi: None.

E-Poster #:8: At What Levels are Free-Hand Pedicle Screws More Frequently Malpositioned in Children?
Mark Heidenreich, BS; Yaser M.K. Baghdadi, MD; Amy L. McIntosh, MD; William J. Shaughnessy, MD; Anthony A. Stans, MD; Mark B. Dekutoski, MD; A. Noelle Larson, MD

Disclosures: Heidenreich: None.M. Baghdadi: None. McIntosh: None. Shaughnessy: None. Stans: None. Dekutoski A; Medtronic; Stryker; DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company; Synthes. B; Medtronic. C; Medtronic. F; Medtronic. Larson: None.

E-Poster #9: FDA Prospective Clinical Trial on a Scoliosis Growth Modulation Clip/Screw Device. One-Year Results
Eric J. Wall, MD; Joseph E. Reynolds; Viral V. Jain, MD; Donita Bylski-Austrow, PhD; George H. Thompson, MD; Paul Samuels, MD; Sean J. Barnett, MD; Alvin H. Crawford, MD

Disclosures: Wall A; SpineForm LLC, US FDA, State of Ohio Third Frontier Program. B; OrthoPediatrics. D; SpineForm LLC. F; SpineForm LLC, OrthoPediatrics. J.E. ReynoldsA; SpineForm, LLC. B; SpineForm, LLC. D; SpineForm, LLC. E; SpineForm, LLC. F; SpineForm, LLC.  Jain B; Medtronics. Bylski-AustrowA; SpineForm, LLC, DePuy Spine. F; SpineForm, LLC.  Thompson E; Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, Shrine Medical Advisory Board. P. Samuels A; Cardinal Health. Barnett B; Surgical Innovations, Nucleus Medical. E; Kaleidoscope. Crawford A; SpineForm, LLC. F; SpineForm, LLC.

E-Poster #10 : The Rate of Proxımal Junctıonal Kyphosıs in Dual Growıng Rod Treatment wıth Pedıcle Screws as Proxımal Anchor
Gokhan Demirkiran, MD; Saygın Kamacı, MD; Can Emre Bas, MD; Muharrem Yazici, MD

Disclosures: Demirkiran: None.  Kamac: None. Bas: None. Yazici: None.

E-Poster #11 : Pre-opeartive Hypercarbia and Length of Hospital Stay at Growing Device Implantation and Spine Fusion in Children with EOS
Gregory J. Redding, MD; Walter Krengel, MD; Viviana Bompadre, PhD; Klane White, MD

Disclosures: Redding: E; Editor, Pediatric Pulmonary Section, Up To Date. Krengel: None. Bompadre: None White: None.

E-Poster #12: Solution to VEPTR Iliac S-Rod Migration
Richard McCarthy, MD; Frances L. McCullough, MNSc

Disclosures: McCarthy: B; Medtronic C; Medtronic. McCullough: None.

E-Poster #13 : Does The Presence of a Gastrostomy Tube Improve Surgical Outcomes in Early Onset Scoliosis?
Klane K. White, MD, MSc; Viviana Bompadre, PhD; Adam Kreutzer; Courtney O'Donnell, MD; Gregory J. Redding, MD

Disclosures: White: None. Bompadre: None.  Kreutzer: None.  O'Donnell: None.  Redding: None.

E-Poster #14 : Biomechanical Analysis of Scoliosis Correction Using A Novel Fusionless Intravertebral Epiphyseal Device
Julien Clin, Ph.D.; Carl-Eric Aubin, Ph.D., P.Eng.; Stefan Parent

Disclosures:  Clin: None. Aubin A; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Industrial Research Chair with Medtronic of Canada), Polytechnique Montreal Excellence Chair in Orthopedic Engineering. B; Medtronic. Parent A; Canadian Institutes in Health Research, OREF, Medtronic, DePuy Spine, EOS imaging, HARMS Study Group Foundation, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. B; Medtronic. D; Spinologics.

E-Poster #15: Asymmetrical Bracing for Early Onset Scoliosis - Early Results And Failures
John M. Wattenbarger, MD; Amy Street, CPO

Disclosures: Wattenbarger: None. Street: None.

E-Poster #16 : Reliability Analysis of Cobb Angle Measurements of Congenital Scoliosis Using X-ray and 3D-CT Images
Ryoji Tauchi; Taichi Tsuji; Toshiki Saito; Ayato Nohara; Shiro Imagama; Ajeya Joshi; David Roye, Jr; Michael Glotzbecker; Jeffrey Sawyer; John Heflin; John Flynn; John Smith; Norman Ramirez; Patrick Cahill; Ron El-Hawary; Noriaki Kawakami

Disclosures:  Tauchi: None. Tsuji: None. Saito: None.  Nohara: None.  Imagama: None.  Joshi A; Christus Santa Rosa. B; NuVasive. D; Alphatec. D. Roye, Jr A; SRS, POSNA, CPIRF, CWSDRF, OREF. B; Stryker M. Glotzbecker: None. Sawyer: None. J. Heflin B; Medtronic. Flynn: None. Smith B; DepuySynthes Spine. F; VEPTR2 DEVICE. Ramirez:None. Cahill B; Depuy Synthes Spine. C; DepuySynthes Spine. El-Hawary B; Depuy Synthes Spine, Medtronic, Halifax Biomedical Inc. Kawakami B; Medtronic, Depuy Synthes Spine.

E-Poster #17: The Use of Pedicle Screws for VEPTR fixation to the spine
Richard E. McCarthy, MD; Frances L. McCullough, MNSc

Disclosures:  McCarthy B; Medtronic. C; Medtronic. McCullough: None.

E-Poster #18: Withdrawn

E-Poster #19 : Evaluation of 18 patients with Caudal Regression Syndrome
Mehmet Bulent Balioglu, MD; Akif Albayrak, MD; Yunus Atici, MD; Deniz Kargin, MD; Mehmet Temel Tacal, MD; Avni İlhan Bayhan, MD; Mehmet Akif Kaygusuz, Prof. Dr.

Disclosures: Balioglu: None. Albayrak: None.  Atici: None. Kargin: None. Tacal: None. Bayhan: None.  Kaygusuz: None.

E-Poster #20: Surgery Improves Sitting in Surgically Treated Patients with Cerebral Palsy: A Prospective Analysis
Jahangir Asghar

Disclosures: J. Asghar A; Setting Scoliosis Straight. B;DePuy Spine.

E-Poster #21: Does All Growing Rod Graduates Need Final Fusion? A Ct Study of The Instrumented Unfused Segments
Hazem B. Elsebaie, FRCS, MD; Behrooz Akbarnia, MD

Disclosures:  Elsebaie B; K Spine, Ellipse. Akbarnia A; Depuy Synthes, NuVasive. B; NuVasive, Ellipse Technologies, K2M, K Spine. D; NuVasive, Ellipse Technologies, K Spine, Nocimed. F; Depuy-Synthes, NuVasive.

E-Poster #22: Modifications on Cervical Spine Sagittal Alignment after Magnetic Growing Rod Instrumentation. Is there a Correlation With Proximal Junctional Kyphosis?
Konstantinos Martikos, MD; Emanuela Pipitone; Francesco Lolli, MD; Elena Maredi, MD; Francesco Vommaro, MD; Andrea Baioni, MD; Mario Di Silvestre, MD; Stefano Giacomini, MD; Tiziana Greggi, MD

Disclosures: Martikos: None.  Pipitone: None. Lolli: None. Maredi: None.  Vommaro: None. Baioni: None. Di Silvestre: None. Giacomini: None. Greggi: None.

E-Poster #23 : The Biomechanics of Proximal Junctional Kyphosis
Richard H. Gross; Hai Yao, PhD

Disclosures: Gross: None. Yao: None.

E-Poster #24: Scoliosis Surgery with hybrid system in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
KOKI UNO, MD,PhD; Teppei Suzuki, MD,PhD

Disclosures:  Uno C; Depuy Synthes, Surgical Spine Suzuki: None.